How does GIMO works?

GIMO partners with businesses to empower employees' financial wellness

Quick integration with companies' timecheck software


Get access to earned wage anytime anywhere


Manage HR data and transactions report on GIMO Business

GIMO brings more values to both employers and employees


 An easier way to communicate, update information between employers and employees

  • Time check updated in real-time

  • Intuitive transaction reports

  • Reduce downtime for both employers and employees from complicated communication procedures


Increase engagement by continuous learning and training 

  • ​​​​​GIMO acts as an information channel, updating payroll welfare policy and benefits
  • Personal financial management is effectively delivered to employees


Create more opportunities to bond and develop for both employers and employees

  • With GIMO, businesses will also better understand the needs of employees to make appropriate welfare decisions

  • A welfare program motivate employees to become more engaged and enhance business performance

Bring GIMO to you



Assess and audit client's payroll processes and tools to consult and customise the best-fit solution 

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GIMO integrates the time attendance system and sets up a dashboard for managers

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Officially launch the payroll welfare program for all employees, GIMO actively supports the monthly reconciliation process.

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Survey results from GIMO partners


of surveyed employees are satisfied with company welfare powered by GIMO


of surveyed employees agree that GIMO helps them tackle unexpected financial issues


Human Resource Managers agree that GIMO helps optimise HR processes, costs and cashflows

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