Optimise effort and processes

Digital transformation for advance payroll processing and timecheck management

Enhance cashflow management efficiency

A risk-free payroll reserve fund at zero cost

Reduce HR expenses

Payroll welfare increases the employees' engagement, reducing the turnover rate

Increase productivity

Ensure financial stability for better focus, productivity and efficiency


Allow employees to access their earned but unpaid wage at any time during the month.


All data are provided and managed by the HR department, ensuring maximum security

Peace of mind

24/7 year round access to earned wage


Transactions completed in only minutes


GIMO is one of the fastest payroll solutions for businesses

Access your earned wage with no time limit


Set your goal, stay on track.

We’ll be with you from start to finish with reminders and insights to keep you motivated at work.

How we can help

Streamlined payroll process


Track you workday and access your earned wage all on GIMO App

Quick access

Get paid whenever in just a few minutes


Data access are stricly align to your business's policy


Customisation based on different business models and requirements


Success stories

As the BOD of Mobicast, we believe that it is necessary to constantly explore new ways to enhance employee's engagement and welfare. At first, the BOD was not yet able to evaluate the benefits of...

The cooperation with GIMO to implement a new form of salary payment will bring various benefits to Cong Ha’s employees. The program is very convenient, easy to use and the statistical system is transp...

GIMO is such a helpful app that makes my personal financial management easier than ever. I have shared the app with my friends and colleagues. We all enjoy the app and unexpected expenses have since b...


Latest Insights


Gifts of encouragement for workers from GIMO and Vietnam General Confederation of Labor

13 May, 2022 / Posted: GIMO Team

On May 13th, 2022, Mr. Ngo Duy Hieu – Vice President of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor, President of Vietnam Public Sector Union, and representatives from GIMO visited and handed out gifts to...

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The hook for blue-collar workers

12 May, 2022 / Posted: GIMO TEAM

As the economic reopening collides with a tightened labor market, businesses are squirming to attract and retain blue-collar workers.    Shortage of blue-collar labor still haunts bu...

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GIMO joins in with the festivities of Binh Duong’s Labor Month 2022

06 May, 2022 / Posted: GIMO Team

From 5-8th May 2022, GIMO engages in a series of Labor Month events hosted by Binh Duong’s Federation of Labor and People’s Committee.   Joining the opening ceremony, GIMO hopes our contributi...

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