Optimise effort and processes

Digital transformation for advance payroll processing and employees' workdays management.

Improve cashflow management efficiency

 Optimise capital expenditures at zero cost, without any risk.

Reduce recruitment costs

Payroll welfare increases the employees' engagement, reducing the turnover rate.

Increase productivity

 Ensure financial stability, reduce stress and create peace of mind for better focus, productivity and efficiency.


Allow employees to quickly access their earned but unpaid wage at any time during the month.


Information and requests are managed by the HR department, ensuring a secured experience for users.

Peace of mind

A hassle-free process to get disbursement within 60 minutes any time of the day.


Daily workday updates displayed on the app, with educational content for better personal financial management.


GIMO is one of the fastest advance payroll solutions for businesses

Access your earned wage with no time limit


Set your goal, stay on track.

We’ll be with you from start to finish with reminders and insights to keep you motivated at work.

How we can help

Streamlined payroll payment and access


Workday tracking and earned wage access in one portal.

Quick access

Advance payroll request at fingertips. Get paid in under 60 minutes


Database access and approval are authorised according to requests


Customisation based on different salary models and requirements


Success stories

As the BOD of Mobicast, we believe that it is necessary to constantly explore new ways to enhance employee's engagement and welfare. At first, the BOD was not yet able to evaluate the benefits of...

The cooperation with GIMO to implement a new form of salary payment will bring various benefits to Cong Ha’s employees. The program is very convenient, easy to use and the statistical system is transp...

GIMO is such a helpful app that makes my personal financial management easier than ever. I have shared the app with my friends and colleagues. We all enjoy the app and unexpected expenses have since b...


Latest Insights


Earned Wage Access: Tapping into one of the most underbanked workforces in SEA

27 Jun, 2021 / Posted: GIMO Team

Technology, EWA, Vietnam

For the past few years, the workforce in European countries, U.S. and Australia, has been offered earned wage access (EWA), allowing employees to get their earns before their payday. As it has quickly...

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GIMO Named in Top 13 Excellent Startups of SK Startup Fellowship 2021

10 May, 2021 / Posted: GIMO Team

News, SK Startup Fellowship 2021

HO CHI MINH, Vietnam – May 10, 2021  GIMO surpasses more than 200 startups to get in the top 13 of SK Startup Fellowship (SKSF) 2021.  The SK Startup Fellowship Program (SKSF) objectiv...

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GIMO, A Social Fintech Startup, Has Received Seed Funding From BK Fund And ThinkZone Ventures

24 Mar, 2021 / Posted: GIMO Team

News, Funding

HANOI, VIETNAM - March 24, 2021  GIMO, an on-demand pay solution provider in Vietnam, has secured seed funding from Thinkzone Ventures, Bk Fund and Angel Investors.  “As an early inves...

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